FitNess and ME!!

Since i dah bertekad nak memfitnesskan diri, i would like to share some equipment which i used in order to lose weight n to be fit of course..hehe
tak sangka dah terjebak dgn fitness nie dah jadik one of my commitment
but it is positive so let's enjoy the FITNESS LIFE...

My sport shoes(home use only)..ingat lagik memula duk workout kat umah tak pakai kasut, last2 invest gaks..berbaloi, takderlah kakiku ini sakit lagik, suka sgt2 kasut nie sebab mmg ringan and sesuai utk lompat2 kat umah tapi still serap hentakan, takdelah tersiksa my feet
then , start beli DVD, my 1st DVD was PUMP it UP, then dpt free 30 days jm(that's why dlm picca takder cover, ader dvd jerk..hehe..thanks sis bim)..pastue tambah algik ngn PILATES, skang become more and more collection but all inside my lappy(download free kekdahnyer)
of course my dumbells, how can i live ithout them..hihi, start with 2lb and the pink colour(dah tggal kat kg utk workout biler balik) so dekat umah skang ader yang 4lb...orange..sonok sgt dh dpt upgrade, itupun gigil2 when it comes to JM workout...hahhahahahah
and finally the latest one i bought was the workout mat..yerlah asyik berpeluh2 jerk kan..beli yang murah jerk corak hello kitty gituh...still good for my abs workout...

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