naper at least ek tajuk gue??
sebenanyer ader sedikit improvement i wanna share with u all my beloved readers
wlpun achievement tak sebesar mana
tpi at least ader reduce ckit
semalam i went to celebrity fitness OU
so amik kesempatan utk timbang semula my current weight n of course my body fat
after dah about 2- 3months
last time my records were:-

body fat= 34.8%
fat to lose=9kg
berat =59.1kg

and 2 hari lepas result terbaru
body fat= 30%
fat to lose=7.2kg
berat =58.0kg

so total weight loss = 1.1 kg tapi body fat reduce 4%
although my target body fat is 20+% jerk, tapi at least dah reach 30%
suraya, work harder!!!

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